SMP2019 begins!

Singapore Model Parliament 2019 started off with a bang at our Workshop on the 7th September.

Over 100 youths came down for intensive day-long preparation for the Model Parliament event at the Old Hill Police Station. They will then debate it out parliamentary style on the 27 - 28 September at the Parliament House.

The day began with our model parliamentarians getting a crash course through the intricacies of our parliamentary system and the roles that they will play within it. This is followed by a lecture on public policy concepts and their application in critical thinking and how it will help them to understand and solve the many pressing issues of the day.

After a short lunch, they were introduced to the two issues they are be tackling on their two days in parliament. One will be reduction of plastic waste in Singapore, while the other would be the enhancement of the Active Mobility Act 2017 i.e regulation of PMDs. They are then split according to their designated roles within parliament (Public Office Holders, Ruling party, Opposition & NCMPs, NMPs) which is followed by their own deliberations on how to tackling the issues at hand.

The day concludes with a fruitful Q&A session with the Chief of Government Communications, Janadas Devan, who contributed his wisdom and opinions for the participants to ponder.

So which side will prevail and shape Singapore's future?

Stay tuned with us in this month long journey to find out!