SG100 Think Future


Building on the perspectives raised from SG100 Dream Future, SG100 Think Future attempted to steer these perspectives towards the formulation of actionable policies to realize SG100 vision and goals.

In line with APA’s vision to empower youths with relevant policy knowledge, the second phase of the SG100 Movement was moulded to encourage youths to delve deeper into Singapore policy issues, and come up with creative solutions to solve today’s problems. SG100 Think Future wanted to provide youths with a flavour of what policy-making entails.

Therefore, spanning over 8 months, about 100 selected youth leaders were placed in policy skills training workshops, guest talks and learning journeys centered around the themes: Family & Demography, Society & Identity, Jobs & Economy, and Liveable Cities.

These training sessions were aimed at building youth’s policy analysis skills and enhancing their current affairs knowledge. Participants had the chance to look into best policy practices and ascertain their suitability based on both the Singapore’s policy context and the values chosen in the SG100 Dream Future Forum.

To provide each team with ample guidance, the youths were also assigned to mentors with policy, practical and academic experience. These helped them to derive policy suggestions that ideally, would be both unique and implementable.

Subsequently, the youth’s ideas were presented in 3 separate forums to a total of 800 youths from different backgrounds (i.e secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics, ITEs, universities and youth associations).

The forums served as a platform for youths to debate over suggested policy initiatives, raise awareness of policy issues and find some consensus - that their ideas could be representative of the youth’s voices. They also provided the participants who had spent months evaluating policies with an opportunity to test their ideas and re-look at areas that can be improved.

The forums were attended by numerous distinguished guests including Minister for Culture, Community and Youth - Grace Fu on 19 March 2016 and Acting Minister for Education (Higher Skills and Education) - Ong Ye Kung on 26 March 2016 and 14 April 2016, along with many other well-respected figures from both the public and private sectors.

The sharing of ideas with Ministers during the dialogue sessions also broadened youth’s understanding of current affairs, and helped clear prior doubts that they may have previously..

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